「生活不止眼前的苟且 还有诗与远方 ...」

「在我短暂的求学生涯中学到一件事…越是认真的钻研,就越会发现人类的能力是有极限的…… — 除非超越人类!!」

Hey,我是 ifeng , 略懂计算机技术,喜欢音乐与旅游。人的大脑是有所极限的,在有限的时间和精力下难以学会所有想知道的知识,所以需要「工具」与「技巧」让自己超越肉体限制。对我来说写作便是一个相当有效的方法,将自己消化完的知识点整理成笔记,在复习时就能快速进入当时的思路里面,积累足够数量的笔记之后开始能对一个主题渐渐整理出自己的一套脉络。



在 2017 年左右,Hugo 在多个静态网站生成器中备受青睐,随后几年中我都是用 Markdown 写作,然后将 Hugo 生成的静态页面放到 Github Page 上,期间我也自己制作了主题布局、将整个系统 Docker 化,并发展出一套相当方便的写作流程。

但最终我还是在 2022 年左右放弃了静态网站生成器 +Github Page 的方式,转换成更为方便的 Ghost ,最主要的原因是可以更方便地跨设备写作,无需重新设置环境,在网页上也能直接所见即所得地修改,对于生成文章、管理图片来说可以省下不少精力。即使我是超级 Markdown 粉丝,也希望可以用酷酷又 Geek 的方式架设博客,在寻找过很多替代方案后,还是觉得有需要一个方便的平台立即修改、更新文章,或许再过一阵子我又找到新工具了也不一定。

「In my brief academic career, I learned one thing… the more earnestly you delve, the more you realize the limits of human capability… — Unless you transcend humanity!!」

Hey, I’m Ifeng. I have a decent understanding of computer technology and I’m passionate about music and traveling. The human brain has its limits; within finite time and energy, it’s difficult to grasp all the knowledge one desires. That’s why we need “tools” and “skills” to transcend physical constraints. For me, writing is an incredibly effective method. I compile the knowledge I’ve absorbed into notes, enabling me to quickly revisit my thought process during review sessions. Once I’ve amassed a sufficient number of notes, I can gradually construct my own framework for a particular topic.

Most of the time, I use a personal note-taking tool to organize my thoughts. Blogging, on the other hand, provides a different sensation as it’s a public platform. Although I mostly learn by reading articles from experts online, I believe that sharing my own insights, even if they’re just modest achievements, can contribute positively to the community and help others.

Insights and experiences in life, recording some matters for others’ reference.

Around 2017, Hugo was highly regarded among various static website generators. Over the following years, I predominantly used Markdown for writing and then deployed the static pages generated by Hugo onto GitHub Pages. During this period, I also developed my own themes, Dockerized the entire system, and established a rather convenient writing workflow.

However, ultimately, around 2022, I abandoned the static website generator + GitHub Pages approach in favor of the more convenient Ghost. The primary reason being the ability to write across devices seamlessly without the need for environment reconfiguration. Additionally, the ability to directly edit and preview changes on the web page saved a considerable amount of effort in generating articles and managing images. Even though I am a fervent Markdown enthusiast, I still desired to set up my blog in a cool and geeky manner. After exploring numerous alternative solutions, I still felt the necessity for a platform that allows immediate modification and updating of articles. Perhaps, in due time, I may stumble upon new tools again.